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#348636 - After this he told me to shower and put on pink matching knickers and bra with pink suspenders and stockings as he had a friend coming around and the friend loved seeing a sissy in pink then forceful manner reminded me l was his sissy slave. When we got home, l had to pour them both a large drink before l was permitted to go for a shower, after removing the post l stood in the shower to let Simon’s spunk trickle from my love-hole then turned on the water which cascaded over me as l lathered myself with soap l couldn’t help giving myself a slow wank and lent against the wall, closed my eyes. I had to stand with my legs apart because my balls were so large, l was then bent over a chair and Jeremy fucked my man-pussy giving me a full load of spunk then once he was done it was Simon’s turn to ram his cock deep into me, he commented how lubricated my pussy was then shot his creamy load into my man-pussy, after this l was ordered to walk up and down the stairs as their sticky spunk ran

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