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#60470 - - That was a lot of cum, your clean right?- she asked -clean? I shower every day – I said, it came out as a matter of facto statement She laughed-no silly clean means you don’t have any diseases- Oh,-I said again-then I’m clean I guess I don’t have anything- -I know that now-she said still laughing – get some money and you can fuck me-she started to close her robe, I was still hard my dick was out of my pants, that instant Cindy walked out of the bedroom wearing jeans and t-shirt with no bra, I could see her nipples I put my cock back in my pants, I felt embarrassed, but still I felt good, my first blow job, I felt great. -take a look around- the guy who opened the door said- Cindy’s almost done. As soon as Cindy stepped in the bathroom Kelly called me -hey kid, come here- Why?- I asked, -come here and sit with me on the couch, I don’t bite- she said smiling I went to her side; I could hear the shower running, -How much money do you have on you?- Kelly asked quietly as she

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Wifey your make up hair and tan body and great blow jobs are your best ever keep these going wow
Mikiya kokutou
They both so fuckin hot thanks for the names