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#337327 - Collect some fire wood, will you, Bobbi, and I'll finish setting up the tent, said her mother Tara, as she tied down the last corner of the tent and drove the stake into the ground. Seeing as how her mother was getting a little misty eyed, Bobbi steered the conversation back to her school activities, and Tara immediately seemed to perk back up! Lost in the atmosphere of good food and conversation, neither of the two woman noticed when three strange men appeared in the clearing fifty yards down the path. Drawn by the smell of the stew, the three hungry fellows were making a beeline for their camp! It wasn't until the three of them were practically on top of them before Tara noticed them standing not more than twenty feet away! Her heart practical?ly stopped at the suddenness of their appearance, but trying not to let on her fear, Tara asked casually, May I help you!?! The taller and rougher of the three explained, We've been lost in the woods all day and followed t

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