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#159464 - He headed over to the couch where she offered him a drink, water would be great he said as he plopped down. Tina dragged him to her basement, she changed him into a pair of tight leather shorts, and chained him up in the middle of the room, it was about 45 minutes befor he began to stir and pull against the chains. She watched as he squirmed and wiggled to get away you can't go anywhere baby mommy is the only one who can let you go and her cock is in your ass now, all you can do is fuck it or be fucked against you will! Tina pushed in more only an inch was in now,please plsease please he begged again, thats it mommy is mad now I'm going to make it all go in and make your ass hurt so bad and right after she said that she plunged her strap-on as hard as she could into his ass making him jerk and squirm even more.

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Maybe i should do something like that for my onlyfans
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She would make a great arkham knight harley quinn