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#124095 - I considered all my options including suicide, divorcing Amanda, killing her (joking)or just moving out and giving her some time to think about things, but all my options were limited by my available cash which was not much, it took both our wages to pay the mortgage on our home and the resulting bills, Amanda’s job paid quite a bit more than mine so it was likely she had savings whereas I had only a few hundred pounds, I had suggested selling up and us splitting but she seemed to think that all was well and as she said we both loved our home and “why should we split as we love each other”, she just could not see that there was a problem at all, I explained that I could see myself ending up like Jenny’s husband Frank completely unloved and unwanted in another 5 years, “don’t be silly” she would say and that was that. Once home and after that drink, Frank had suggested to Jenny that as it was now late it might be time for Alan to go home, however Jenny had replied that it was nice to

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