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#244556 - It was nearly 9pm when the main man arrived, Jerry and two younger men one of which I was later to find out was his brother Tim and his friend Alan, as I welcomed them in Alan said “you must be Dave, I have heard a hell of a lot about YOU” Tim pushed him forward and away from me it was obvious they had been drinking so I said nothing in return, all in all I guess there would have been about 30 people in the house spread throughout the lounge, sitting room, kitchen and dining room. My attention returned to Jerry and Jenny who had also finished, she was mopping her pussy with some tissues and Jerry was looking at Tim and Amanda with a look similar to mine I would guess, I have seen many porno movies over the years but I can honestly say I have never seen anything as erotic as that fuck, my cock was rock hard and leaking pre cum, I couldn’t believe I had not even touched it during Amanda’s fuck, she was still sitting on Tim’s dick, her thigh muscles were still spasming, “Oh fuck that w

Read Machine Kitsune-san no H na Hon 2 - Original Russian Kitsune-san no H na Hon 2

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