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#243812 - Mike and I walked along the street with his arm around me, he would grab my ass and pull my skirt up at times, we made it to his barracks room, it was a large room with 4 beds in it, he said his roommates would be back soon so we needed to hurry, Mike pushed me back onto a bed and reached under my skirt, he yanked my panties down and pulled them off throwing them in the corner, he pushed my legs open and started to eat my pussy, he was so good at it, his mouth was sucking my clit as his finger was rubbing my ass hole, I pulled my shirt off and unzipped my skirt, Mike told me to get undressed and lay on my stomach on the bed, I did as he told me, Mike took his clothes off and I got a look at his cock it was about 7 inches long , he then told me to get up on my hands and knee, Mike rubbed my pussy and ass, I was ready for his cock when a flash of light went off then another I looked to see Mike taking phots of me like this, he started to tell me how to pose for him, as I was changing

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