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#296367 - They are coming next week end, and Sue will be away, I hope I’m strong enough to resist any advance’s they might throw at me. Wendy too married and she too came home to daddy’s bed, almost a year after Emily, she also had a daughter. Then the lap dance was suggested as a thank you to me, Wendy was up first being the younger, I had seen her dance and knew she was flexible and could hold her own against any one of them, the music started and she moved about, jigging and wriggling her hips and shaking her shoulders, making her tits shake in front of me, she turned and swayed her hips in my face and brushed against my legs a few time’s, she then pushed my legs open and stood between them, then bent her knees and swung her ass, I was getting so turned on watching her my cock tented up, as I was wearing a smock and no underwear it was obvious for all to see, except Wendy as her back was to me, she rocked and gyrated and inched lower and then she did it, she was a little too low and brushed

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